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Boat & Engine Maintenance -
   Practical information for recreational boaters

Course Description: All boats need maintenance to correct for the gradual deterioration from wear and tear, let alone exposure to the elements. A boater should be constantly on the alert for signs of vessel degradation, and make repairs while the problem is minor.

This course helps the potential do-it-yourself boater gain knowledge and gather resources so they will understand how their mechanical boat systems work. From spark plugs to bottom paint, the Marine Maintenance course covers all the fundamentals for DIY boaters and those who find themselves in open water with no other mechanic but themselves. Basic engine maintenance is covered for the following subjects listed below:

  • The Hull

  • General Maintenance.

  • Primary Electrical Systems both on the engine and in the boat for supplementary power.

  • Marine Engines

  • Gasoline fuel systems

  • Ignition

  • Lubrication

  • Engine cooling

  • Outboards

  • Seasonal Maintenance

  • Safety equipment

  • Trailers

  • Marine Toilets, Stoves

  • Painting tips

  • Galvanic Scale of Metals in Seawater

  • Zebra Mussels

  • Owner’s manual and accident report

  • Web resources to encourage further exploration of resources.

The course is geared toward a beginners and moderate knowledge boaters practical understanding of boat systems to prevent breakdown and repair most breakdowns that occur on the water. The course will also help the beginner understand where they are able to repair the system and when it should be left to a professional for repair. Course material will also help the boater understand the jargon that the mechanic or boat chandlery is using when they explain the repair to you when they repair your boat systems.

Finally the student will be left with An extensive set of resources to continue searching for materials on maintaining their boat in peak condition.

Course Instructor:
Stephan Gaines
Tel: 514-683-6241


Boat & Engine Maintenance






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Classes are held at:
The Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club
1350 Lakeshore Drive
Dorval, Qc



The Lake St. Louis Squadron is a unit of the Canadian Power and Sail SquadronsThe Lake St. Louis Squadron is a unit of the Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons

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