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Nautical chart 1410-Lake St-Louis 
(New Edition available Spring 2002)

The Coast Guard has recently revised the navigational aids system for secondary channels of Lake St-Louis to bring them up to date. The users of these waterways were consulted and this helped shape the changes and compile basic data. The bathymetric surveys carried out in 2001 by the Canadian Hydrographic Service located over 50 shoals in secondary channels and substantiated certain buoyage changes needed.

As a result of  improved markings based on typical vessels draughts, some routes have had to be changed. However, new technologies have helped optimize the existing system and this improve its visual detection.

For safety's sake, order the new edition of Chart 1410.

CHS emphasizes the need for new charts, which will be out in June (if not before). There are over 70 changes to Aids and small-craft routes and over 50 new shoals on the new 1410 chart.

Don't find yourself on a shoal or a rock that isn't charted on the old chart! It could cost a lot more than a new chart.


Source: The Wheelhouse, May 2002, Volume 3, Issue 1




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