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Early in 1975, it was suggested by past commander Nat Horton that a form of recognition be established to recognize the outstanding Piloting class student of that year and subsequent years.

It was decided that the selection of the student would be based on their expertise in completing a mythical cruise at the midterm period. A cruise was created to be plotted on the Lake St. Louis chart. The object was to test the student's skill at using his/her navigation and plotting knowledge.

The contest judges would be the Boating course chairman and volunteer members of the executive bridge.

Once the suggestion was adopted, what form of recognition would be offered to honour the successful student? Up spoke Nat. He would supply a trophy which would be given to the successful student. Shortly after, the Squadron Bridge was presented with a tall silver vase (which he had pilfered from his wife's silver) mounted on a polished mahogany base. To make a long story short, Nat produced this attractive trophy in his home workshop.

In view of Nat's contributions to the Squadron over the years, it was decided to call this fine piece of workmanship "The Uncle Nat Trophy". This trophy was first presented in 1975, and it has been presented every year since to a student enrolled in that year's (Piloting) Boating class.

S/C John Savidant

Recipients of the Uncle Nat Trophy

1975 Joel Watt
1976 Carol Lalli
1977 Robert Demone
1978 Al Jacobsen, Malcolm Niven
1979 Eric Sisa
1980 Ernest Ballantyne, Joanne Viens
1981 Anthony Holland, Leslie Holland
1982 James Ryan, Bill Nobes
1983 Denis Bailey
1984 Ron Warrilow, Lawrence Gilchrist
1985 Louise Christensen
1986 Ken MacKenzie
1987 Leslie Rich, Robin Rye
1988 Douglas Watt
1989 Douglas Remoundos
1990 William Hodges
1991 Delia Courmanopoulos
1992 Helene Isabelle
1993 Wallace McFarland
1994 Rae MacLeod
1995 Paulo Terco
1996 David Bishop
1997 Kim Potter-Navarre
1998 Terrence Storozuk
1999 Joe Elfassy, Serge Gingras
2000 Shaune Sylvester
2001 Kirk Armstrong, Clifford Sobkowicz
2002 Michel Doucet
2003 Sharon McGee, John Nicholl
2004 Keith Callow, Paul Nadeau, Eric Owston
2005 Eric Marsolais, Jacques Leroux
2006 Guylaine Bosse, Valerie Flynn, Padraig McLean
2007 Paul Grizenko
2008 Bruno Frank
2009 Julie Danztigian
2010 Michel Derochers



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